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Tavy Tile Spacers 1/16" Green

Tavy Tile Spacers 1/16" Green


TAVY Tile Spacers can be used in floor, wall and countertop tile installations. The use of spacers cuts down on the need for “eyeing” grout joints and will insure the uniformity of grout joints. Creating consistent grout joints will help increase the visual appeal of any tiled surface. TAVY Tile Spacers are also helpful when planning the layout of a tile job. The Straight Edge side of the spacer can be used between tiles to determine the accurate starting point for any job. Any Do-It-Yourselfer or professional tile setter can push a row of tiles with accurate grout lines from side to side to determine the best spot to start a given job. This will help minimize odd-sized tile cuts and will maximize the overall visual appeal of the finished project. TAVY Tile Spacers are best used tiling to a straight edge. The straight edge can be used to help pack the installation tightly. By using our philosophy, “Trust the Spacer”, anyone can finish with a professional result and Finish with a Smile

  • 2-Sided Design: Cross and Straight Edge Spacer In One
  • Color-Coded: Different Color for Each of Seven Sizes
  • Reusable: Injection Molded Plastic
  • Circle/Disk Center: Won’t Bottom out in Adhesive
  • Easy Removal: Sweep or Kick out

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