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PowerTwist Plus V-Belt, B / 5L Profile, 5/8" Width, 6ft Length

PowerTwist Plus V-Belt, B / 5L Profile, 5/8" Width, 6ft Length

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B / 5L PowerTwist Plus V-Belts are a great alternative to conventional endless wrapped rubber V-belts of classical cross sections. Combining industry standard horsepower ratings with superior performance in harsh operating environments, PowerTwist Plus is a permanent replacement for traditional rubber V-belts. PowerTwist Plus unique “quick connect” belt design provides for fast and easy installation, even on captured or restricted access drives — no tools required. Belts are made up to the required length, by hand, in seconds and can be rolled onto a drive just like a bicycle chain. No need to dismantle drive components or change existing pulleys as PowerTwist Plus V-Belts run in industry standard pulley grooves. Save money by reducing V-belt inventory – PowerTwist Plus V-belts let you safely reduce your V-belt inventory while ensuring you always have the belt you need, on hand. Stock a box each of PowerTwist Plus in the two most common cross sections, A/ 4L and B/5L, and you’ll reduce the inventory dollars you have tied up in replacement V-belts and be nearly 100% covered with on-site V-belt availability. There’s also no shelf life concern, making dry rot a thing of the past. Longer belt life – High performance polyurethane/polyester composite materials outperform conventional rubber V-belts in harsh environments – handling abrasion, extreme temperatures, and exposure to oil, grease, water and most common industrial and agricultural chemicals and solvents. High heat is not a problem – PowerTwist Plus has an operating temperature range of -40º F to +240º F. Easier, faster installation – Quickly adjustable by hand to any necessary length. Perfectly suited to 3L, A/4L, B/5L, and C drives, these belts can be installed on existing pulleys with no changes in set-up. Reduce drive vibration. Conventional rubber V-belts have a continuous tension cord that carries vibration like a guitar string. This vibration can cause noise and lead to reduced component life. PowerTwist Plus reduces this vibration by 50% thanks to the segmented twist-lock design which acts as a vibration dampener from link to link. Minimized maintenance time – To re-tension, just roll the belt off, take out a link and roll it back on; no need to move any drive components. A permanent replacement belt – fit it and move on to the next job Legal Disclaimer PowerTwist® and PowerTwist Plus® are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as trademarks Fenner U.S., Inc. The color red for link V-belts is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as a trademark of Fenner, Inc.

  • Permanent V-belt replacement
  • Drop-in replacement on live roller conveyors; runs in V- and round pulleys
  • Easily installed without the need to dismantle the conveyor and proven to outlast and outperform rubber belts, especially on curves.
  • Reduced spare belt Inventory; numerous belt lengths from just one box.

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